The Originators of the Solar Road Marker

SolaRight Lighting, based in the heartland of the US in Oklahoma City, OK, is the originator, patent holder and exclusive North American supplier of state of the art wireless lighting for the transportation and hardscape industries. Believing in impact investing, SolaRight Lighting acquired the intellectual property rights, product rights and worldwide manufacturing and distributing rights of Solarcap Infinity, Inc., the inventor, manufacturer and marketer of patented solar lighting products.


Why SolaRight

SolaRight is committed to investing in technology and solutions that positively impact the environment and those that enjoy it. We are dedicated to saving lives and improving the atmosphere for everyone on the planet. We value our relationships from our first discussion through the installation process and after. The SolaRight team is here to provide the right innovative solutions for the right job at the right time.


SolaRight Manufacturing