Help Prevent Accidents at Blind Curves & Inclement Weather

Nearly 25% of people who die each year on US roadways are killed in vehicle crashes at curves. Unusual road geometry is one of the most hazardous driving scenarios, especially at night. SolaRight aids in driver channelization by pointing out unexpected or unusual road curvature well in advance, improving reaction time and assisting in creating a dynamic curve warning system.

SolaRight’s lights help distinguish:

  • Horizontal or Dangerous Curves
  • Blind Curves
  • Potential Run-off-Road circumstances
  • Short and Long Range Road Information
  • Preview Distance
  • Four-Lane Transitions to Two-Lane Transitions
  • Two-Lane Roadways
  • Through Approaches
  • Lane Delineation and
  • Foliage or other barriers in the curvature of the road.
Stop Bar Diagram
About 75 percent of all fatal crashes occur in rural areas, and more than 70 percent are on two-lane secondary highways, many of which are local roads.

Horizontal curves can endanger drivers, pedestrians and other alternative transporters using the road. Curve markings, such as enhanced traffic control devices, can make rural and inner-city roads safer by adding roadway delineation systems such as SolaRight’s lighting solutions at centerlines, edgelines and signs on curves. SolaRight's IIRPMs are excellent channelizing devices by aiding in conspicuity, creating safe positive guidance for drivers.

Solar Lighting for Dangerous Curves
Solar lighting increases safety and visibility on dangerous curves.


Horizontal Curves Are Dangerous,
but Even More So at Night or
During Bad Weather

Crash rates at horizontal curves are three times higher than other highway segments. In addition, more than 28% of all fatal crashes were associated with horizontal curves and curved roads accounted for 90+% of run-off-road crashes. And, run-off-road crashes occur more often at night than daytime. Making roads, especially roads with curves, safer, is a must.

SolaRight’s Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers can complement other roadway marking, such as horizontal alignment, Chevron signs, curve marking, traffic signs, warning signs and pavement markings. With visibility up to ½ mile away, our lighting solutions call attention to the road’s curvature, aiding in channelization, without being a distraction.

Although you cannot put a price on a life, you can find an affordable solution to make roads safer: SolaRight accomplishes both these goals with its effective, economical lighting systems.

SolaRight’s Featured Products:

For Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Marker solutions, SolaRight recommends the YHYS IIRPM product. For Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers solutions, SolaRight offers its YHDD1 IIRPM. Both products provide visibility up to ½ mile away. To help better show the curvature of the road, SolaRight's YHDD1 IIRPMs, our Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers are installed in the ground and can help prevent accidents by better showing the geometry of the road. 


Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPMs)

SolaRight YHDD1

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. The original and best roadway Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPM) lights in the business, SolaRight’s YHDD1 offers years of reliable, cost-effective roadway safety. Made of virtually indestructible cast aluminum, the YHDD1 IIRPM is IP-68 rated and fabricated to withstand heavy vehicles and even snowplows. Ideal for curved roads, treatments for horizontal curves, roadside object delineation, rural traffic and as lane delineation. Installation is simple- a hole and epoxy ensure maintenance-free, grid-independent service.

Because of SolaRight’s POWRtech technology, there are no wires to install, no batteries to replace and virtually no maintenance required over the 10+ year life of the products.

The YHDD1 (IIRPM) works well for:

  • Horizontal curves
  • Dark Roadways
  • STOP Line
  • Wrong-Way
  • Lane delineation and
  • Visibility in inclement weather.
SIZE: 5.5" x 5.83" / HEIGHT 1.97" / WEIGHT 2.0 LBS.

Internally Illuminated
Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs)

SolaRight YHYS

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. SolaRight’s YHYS (IIRPM) is one of its most versatile lights. Designed to work well on barriers, curb tops, guardrails, signs and bullnoses, the YHYS IIRPM also works in many other capacities. SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM is an excellent product to better illuminate your roads and help with hazard identification and warning signs. Made with the highest quality and most visible LED lights available and like all other SolaRight products, the YHYS IIRPM utilizes POWRtech technology, installs quickly and provides years of maintenance-free service.

The YHYS IIRPM works well for:

  • Guardrails
  • Jersey barriers
  • Warning Signs
  • Make barriers more visible
  • Aid driving in adverse weather conditions
  • Elevated Curb and
  • Lane Delineation.
SIZE: 4.33"x 3.54"/ HEIGHT 1.18" / WEIGHT 0.86 LBS.
YHYS with a UniBrac™ on a chevron sign increases visibility.
SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM on a UniBrac™ mounted to a chevron sign increases visibility.

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