SolaRight’s Curb Delineation Products Helps with Traffic Calming

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Add visibility to islands, medians and other obstacles with SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM.

To help with traffic calming, it is sometimes necessary to install islands or medians. These devices may help with traffic calming, but an added concern is that it is important to call attention to these curbs, islands or medians.

SolaRight's Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) are ideal for delineating obstacles and traffic guidance. These traffic devices work as a guidance device to show drivers median strips or other barriers in the dark or during inclement weather. This aids in traffic calming and positive guidance, giving drivers ample time to react to changes in roadway geometry. 

Versatile, Easy to
Install & Affordable

SolaRight's Curb Marking Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) Model YHYS work in many areas in the traffic industry, serving many various purposes. Because our products are available in many colors and functions, it’s very versatile.

These lights can work in conjunction with other traffic devices as part of a complete system. Reflective paint and signage are also instrumental in safely guiding traffic and working as a traffic calming measure for median strips, median islands and other channelization devices.

SolaRight's products help with Curb Delineation in these instances:

  • Island Delineation
  • Curb Delineation & Curb Marking
  • Median Delineation and
  • Edgelining.
Solar Lighting for Curb Delineation
The odds ratio 1.74 for the factor “road alignment” shows that the odds of being involved in an ROR crash on curved roadways are 1.74 times as large as that on straight roadways in fatal single-vehicle crashes.


Use SolaRight’s IIRPMs to Create
A Positive Guidance System

SolaRight's Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) Model YHYS can be combined with white and yellow reflective paint and signage to create an entire positive guidance system. SolaRight also offers our Uni-Brac product, which allows our light to be installed above an object marker, such as a safety sign, calling attention to potential hazards ahead. And, unlike overhead lighting, IIRPMs do not obstruct the visual field ahead of the driver. This Positive Guidance System leads to optimal driving performance.

Improve Driver Sensory Perception without Driver Distraction

The reduced visibility associated with the effects of weather, such as rain, snow, and fog, makes driving difficult and sometimes dangerous. Roadway geometry sight distance is improved with SolaRight's IIRPMs; long-range visibility is restricted when contrast and luminance are reduced. In these situations, safety considerations should always transcend cost-effectiveness concerns. SolaRight's IIRPMs initiate a response without distracting the driver and, they are very cost-effective- a fraction of the cost of overhead lighting.

SolaRight’s Featured Product:

SolaRight’s YHYS Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Marker (IIRPM) light is a very versatile light that can be installed on guardrails, curbs, medians and barriers and with our Uni-Brac™, above safety signs and emits a flashing light that is visible up to ½ mile away.


Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs)

SolaRight YHYS

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. SolaRight's YHYS (IIRPM) is one of its most versatile lights. Designed to work well on jersey barriers, curb tops and bullnoses, the YHYS IIRPM also works in many other capacities. SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM is an excellent product to better illuminate your roads and help with lane channelization. The YHYS IIRPM utilizes POWRtech technology, installs quickly and provides years of maintenance-free service. 

  • Curb Tops
  • Safety Signs
  • Guardrails
  • Jersey Barriers
  • Aids driving in adverse weather conditions and
  • All-Weather Elevated Curb and Lane Delineation.
SIZE: 4.33" x 5.83" / HEIGHT 1.18" / WEIGHT .86 LBS.



SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM mounted on our exclusive Uni-Brac™

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