Improve Driver Performance in Lowlight & Hazardous Conditions

Whether from state highways, interstates or other thoroughfares, off ramps can be a high risk for drivers especially at night. To better call attention to the geometry of the road, SolaRight offers products to help illuminate these areas. SolaRight's IIRPMs work in many areas in the traffic industry, serving many various purposes, including traffic calming, lane channelization and aiding in sight distance. Because our products are available in many colors, it’s very versatile:

  • Off-Ramps
  • On-Ramps
  • Frontage Roads
  • Access Roads
  • Jersey Barriers
  • Gores
  • Safety Signs and
  • Guardrails.
Stop Bar Diagram
Improved lighting can greatly increase the safety of on- and off-ramps.

Provide Tracking Information & Guidance to the Driver

Lane delineation and channelization can be extremely important to drivers who may be entering or exiting a road via on and off-ramps. SolaRight's Internally Illuminated Raised and Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) can greatly improve driver response time, positive guidance and convey the message of upcoming traffic changes without distracting the driver.

Raised off-ramp lighting is useful when a guardrail or other longitudinal barrier is present along with a roadway or ramp or for helping identify object markers. 



Off-Ramp Lighting Promotes Short and Long Range Information

Not only do SolaRight's lighting solutions work well in conveying a short-range scenario, but they also work well in helping guide drivers over a longer stretch of road. This low-lighting is not distracting to the driver, but it does help improve the driver’s sensory perception, sight distance, traffic calming and prepare for upcoming changes in geometry.

Works Well on Its Own or As Part of A System

 SolaRight's IIRPMs work well to show driver hazards, but they can also greatly enhance existing solutions, such as reflective paint or signage. In cases where paint or signage may not be enough, these lights can improve vision and give positive guidance to drivers.

In inclement weather conditions, the SolaRight lights can be particularly beneficial. The reduced visibility associated with the effects of weather, such as rain, snow, and fog, makes driving difficult and sometimes dangerous. SolaRight's discreet lighting is visible up to ½ mile away, but they will not hinder visibility or the driver’s reaction time.

SolaRight’s Featured Product:

For recessed in-road lighting solutions, SolaRight offers its YHDD1 IIRPM. Installation is quick and because the product is solar, there is no wiring or trenching required. The SolaRight YHYS IIRPM is very effective for off-ramps that have Jersey Barriers or other raised structures that can be employed to enhance lighting. 


Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Marker (IIRPM)

SolaRight YHDD1

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. The best roadway Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPM) lights in the business,  SolaRight's YHDD1 IIRPM offers years of reliable, cost-effective roadway safety. Made of virtually indestructible cast aluminum, the YHDD1 IIRPM is IP-68 rated and fabricated to withstand heavy vehicles and even snowplows. Ideal for on- and off-ramps, curved roads and as lane delineation. Installation is simple- a hole and epoxy ensure maintenance-free, grid-independent service.

Because of SolaRight's POWRtech technology, there are no wires to install, no batteries to replace and virtually no maintenance required over the 10+ year life of the products.

The YHDD1 (IIRPM) works well for:

  • On- and Off-Ramps
  • STOP Lines
  • Wrong-Way
  • Lane delineation
  • Horizontal Curves
  • Visibility in inclement weather and
  • Help reduce run-off-road crashes.
SIZE: 5.5" x 5.83" / HEIGHT 1.97" / WEIGHT 2.0 LBS.

Internally Illuminated
Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs)

SolaRight YHYS

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. SolaRight’s YHYS (IIRPM) is one of its most versatile lights. Designed to work well on jersey barriers, curb tops and bullnoses, the YHYS IIRPM also works in many other capacities. SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM is an excellent product to better illuminate your on-ramps, off-ramps, and help with lane channelization. The YHYS IIRPM utilizes POWRtech technology, installs quickly and provides years of maintenance-free service.

  • Safety Signs
  • Jersey barriers
  • Guardrails
  • Curb Tops
  • Aid driving in adverse weather conditions and
  • All-Weather Elevated Curb and Lane Delineation.
SIZE: 4.33"x 3.54"/ HEIGHT 1.18" / WEIGHT 0.86 LBS.
Off-Ramp Solar Lighting Solutions
Solar lighting on dangerous off-ramps can aid drivers and increase visibility.

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