4 Reasons SolaRight is an
Ideal Rural Road Safety Solution


Budget Cutbacks? We Can Help!

SolaRight’s patented solar technology, POWRtech, eliminates the need for traditional roadway lighting. With over ½ mile visibility, you can have a clearly defined, well-lit road in a fraction of the installment time, a fraction of the labor needed (no bucket truck, no extended lane shutdown), and for a fraction of the money.

In contrast, here are some examples of costs of the alternative, overhead lighting:

  • The city of Des Moines has approximately 25,000 street lights city-wide and pays $3.1 + million per year in energy and maintenance costs. This is approximately $8500 per evening to provide roadway lighting.
  • The estimated 68 million streetlights in the US use 300 billion KWh per year of electricity which costs agencies more than $18 billion. Generation of electricity to meet street lighting needs in the US contributes around 150 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

SolaRight's IIRPMs have no recurring costs for maintenance or utilities and the products costs a small fraction of traditional overhead lighting. So, if you’re looking for an affordable solution to a problem road or hazardous area but your budget is stretched thin, we can help you find a great solution!

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Why Didn’t Someone Think of this Sooner?

Dangerous roads present a huge hazard to the driving population. According to a recent study, “Strategies to Address Nighttime Crashes at Rural, Unsignalized Intersections2,” learned that, “ More light is not always better, over lighting can lead to glare and actually affect visibility.” It also stated that, “Proper placement of luminaires and proper distribution of light flux from luminaires can improve light quality, reduce glare and light pollution, as well as reduce energy use.”

There is no question that overhead lighting is a great solution to help reduce traffic accidents, but sometimes, it’s not a good place for a light or financially possible to install overhead lighting. SolaRight’s YHDD1 and YHYS (IIRPM) are excellent products to light dangerous curves or rural roads.

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Proven Performance, Rain or Shine

Although SolaRight’s IIRPMs have been on the market and performing successfully for years around the globe, many in North America are just learning about its benefits.

SolaRight’s IIRPMs are ideal for helping reduce run-off road crashes, which account for roughly 70% of all single-vehicle crashes. When roads are curved, that percentage increases to 90% of the run-off road single-vehicle crashes.

In addition to curved road segments, rural roads, high-speed limit roadways, and roadways with fewer lanes (divided or undivided) are found to be more likely to be the scene of fatal single vehicle run-off road crashes. Adverse weather and nighttime are added factors that contribute to single vehicle fatal run-off road crashes.

Although these statistics are frightening, they are not news to traffic industry professionals. Many solutions have been created to help drivers' reaction time in less-than-ideal conditions, and there are always the traditional answers- overhead lighting, roadway markers, chevron signs, just to name a few. And, while these products are all still viable, there is another more affordable, more effective and more reliable solution: SolaRight’s patented wireless IIRPMs.

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Links here to videos, specifically the Kansas DOT video.

  • Because these IIRPMs harness the power of the sun, there are no utility bills, no maintenance, no bulbs to change and no lane closures after installation.

So, we all know street lighting is expensive, but what about other options?

  • Roadway marking using paint-based materials has a relatively short life span- 1 to 2 years. SolaRight’s IIRPMs have a life span of 10+ years.
  • Chevron signs are more affordable than overhead lighting, but they can sometimes be distracting to the driver. SolaRight’s wireless Internally Illuminated Recessed/Raised Pavement Markers are installed in the ground (YHDD1) or on the surface (YHYS), making it easy to see but not a distraction to the driver.

Wireless solar lighting is the only option that offers a consistent, lighted solution for roadway safety. SolaRight is the best, longest-lasting option for that application.

  • If you’re looking for a green, maintenance-free, utility-bill free, decade-long solution, SolaRight’s wireless IIRPM lighting is your answer.


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