What is the total charge time required for optimal performance?

Typical charge time for any of our products in full sun is 3 hours. On a shady or overcast day, it can take up to 8 hours for a full charge.


What is the typical discharge time after a complete charge?

Our lights will discharge for 16 hours.  Far more than necessary for full nighttime enjoyment.


Are the products water-proof?

Our products are IP68 rated meaning they are indeed water-proof and dust-proof.


Can you lights be submerged under water?

Yes, our products are IP68 rated allowing them to be submerged up to 30 feet.  We recommend no more than 3 feet however to obtain a sufficient charge.


Do your products require batteries?

No, unlike the lesser quality options, our products do not require batteries which greatly limit the life of the product.


Do your products require wiring?

No, unlike extremely expensive systems that require wiring, our products operate completely off-grid reducing emissions into the environment. Also, once you have installed your product, there is no need to add the expense of running wires to enjoy your installation.


What is POWRtech Technology?

Solaright products are made using proprietary and patented processes that deliver one of a kind performance in the solar industry.
Because our products utilize a pseudocapacitor with 100,000 charge/discharge cycle capacity rather than a battery that offers approximately 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, our product life span is un matched.
Because our power source (solar panels) is connected to the pseudocapacitor with a proprietary primary circuit board (PCB) with 38 unique components that are individually sourced and assembled, SolaRight offers the only products that deliver:
12+ years of maintenance free use (no batteries/bulbs to change)
3 hour charge time
16 hour discharge time


Does your product have an “On/Off” switch?

No, our products do not have or require an “On/Off” switch to operate.


What is the life expectancy of the SolaRight products?

One can expect a life of 10+ years. Quite honestly, we don’t know how long they will last. They have been sold for over 10 years and keep working like the first day they were installed.


What is the typical viewing distance for your Transportation related IIRPMs products?

One can see our IIRPMs (YHDD1 & YHYS) products over 1/2 mile away giving drivers ample reaction time to adjust accordingly to road conditions and alignment.


Where can I buy your products?

Please contact SolaRight Lighting and we will align you with our valued customers immediately.


What is the warranty?

5-Years on IIRPM Models YHDD1 & YHYS

3-Years on all other products


What do I do if the light fails within the warranty period?

Please contact the company in which you purchased the product and they will administer a replacement.


How bright are your lights?

Our IIRPM transportation products can be seen over 1/2 mile away. 


How long does it take to receive product after it is ordered?

For most orders, if the product is not readily available from your supplier, SolaRight has ample inventory to ship within 48 hours from receipt of payment.


Who is SolarCap Infinity?

SolaRight Lighting, LLC has acquired the intellectual property rights, product rights and worldwide manufacturing and distributing rights of SolarCap Infinity, Inc., the inventor, manufacturer and marketer of patented solar lighting products for transportation and hardscape markets. Since its founding in 2003 in Seoul, South Korea, SolarCap Infinity has pioneered innovative and patented solar technology that delivers unmatched performance and longevity. SolaRight Lighting was established in February of 2015 after acquiring exclusive distribution rights of the SolarCap Infinity products in North America through its acquisition of Next Gen Solar, based in Edmond, Oklahoma. The acquisition comes after SolaRight Lighting experienced encouraging sales results and positive customer feedback about the product line.