Green Lighting from SolaRight- Keeping Lighting & People Off the Grid

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Extend the use of Recreational & Alternative Transportation Trails with lighting from SolaRight.

Today’s lifestyles are more active. After years or decades of a sedentary lifestyle, many Americans are venturing outdoors for activities such as hiking, biking, walking, running and simple family time. The goal is to get people out, moving and spending time “Off the Grid.” To help people become more active, many communities are creating outdoor areas where people can engage in a variety of outdoor activities and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Some outdoor applications that benefit from solar lighting include:

  • Walking Trails
  • Biking Trails
  • Dog Parks
  • Parks with water features and fountains.

To encourage families to stay out as long as possible, outdoor lighting is a great perk to encourage evening activities and keep the environment safe and secure.

SolaRight features many different applications for lighting:

  • Bicycle Rails, Paths & Path Entry
  • Trails & Multi-Use Paths
  • Sidewalks
  • Greenways
  • Mini-Roundabouts
  • Cross-Walks
  • Signage for Trails & Other Messages to Users
  • Steps
  • Traffic Control and Lane Channelization
  • Scenic or areas of historical interest
  • Landscaping and beautification
  • Trail Delineation.
Solar lighting for recreational trails and alternate transportation paths
Solar lighting solutions for recreation trails allow the community
to enjoy outdoor areas in the cooler evenings and early mornings.



Alternative Paths = Alternative Lighting

Lighting and trails are getting people off the couch and enjoying the outdoors; why not think outside the box on lighting solutions for these beautiful outdoor areas?

SolaRight can help not only with surface level lighting, it is also dedicated to aesthetics and environmentally friendly lighting with solar lights that require no wiring, costly installation or maintenance.

For all sorts of Active & Alternative Transportation Trails

SolaRight’s Internally Illuminated Raised and Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) act as positive guidance for users in inclement weather and lowlight conditions, but they also improve user preview distances and reaction times to terrain changes, helping ensure the safety of those using the trails. Some of those changes may include curves, turns, and dropoffs.

When Safety & Security Are A Concern

Although there are many uses for these lights, one of the most important features the lights offer is safety and security for those who may be enjoying these facilities in the evening. Not only do the lights keep pedestrians and other park-goers safe from hazards and obstacles, but they also keep them safe in a security sense.

SolaRight’s Featured Product:

SolaRight's YHYS IIRPMs can be used for many different aspects of outdoor lighting. Hazard identification, drop-off warnings, general lighting and so much more greatly help users understand where areas of concern may be and add safety to these trails. The YHYS IIRPM is an Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Marker, making it an easy and effective attractor to potential hazards such as guardrails and on top of safety signs. These are just a few of the applications that benefit from using the SolaRight YHYS IIRPMs.


The YHDD1 IIRPM by SolaRight is an Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Marker, meaning it is installed in the ground and can show light one or two directions, depending on what is needed. Its uses vary, but they are most effective as an industrial grade lane delineation device, even on highways and many other applications. The YHDD1 IIRPM and the YHYS IIRPM are both visible up to 1/2 mile away.


Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPMs)


SolaRight is the original and best roadway Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPM) lights in the business, SolaRight's YHDD1 IIRPM offers years of reliable, cost-effective transportation safety. Made of virtually indestructible cast aluminum, the YHDD1 IIRPM is IP-68 rated and fabricated to withstand heavy vehicles and even snowplows. Ideal for recreational trails, curved roads, rural traffic and as lane delineation. Installation is simple- a hole and epoxy ensure maintenance-free, grid-independent service.

Because of SolaRight's POWRtech technology, there are no wires to install, no batteries to replace and virtually no maintenance required over the 10+ year life of the products.

The YHDD1 (IIRPM) works well for:

  • Centerline Delineation
  • STOP Lines
  • Crosswalks
  • Boat Ramps
SIZE: 5.5" x 5.83" / HEIGHT 1.97" / WEIGHT 2.0 LBS.

Internally Illuminated
Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs)

SolaRight YHYS

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. SolaRight’s YHYS IIRPM is one of its most versatile lights. Designed to work well on recreational trails, jersey barriers, curb tops and bullnoses, the YHYS IIRPM also works in many other capacities. SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM is an excellent product to better illuminate your alternative trails and help with improved nighttime vision and warnings to users of alternative trails. Like all other SolaRight products, the YHYS IIRPM utilizes POWRtech technology, installs quickly and provides years of maintenance-free service.

  • Signs
  • Barricades/Barriers
  • Gates
  • Curb Tops
  • Steps
SIZE: 4.33"x 3.54"/ HEIGHT 1.18" / WEIGHT 0.86 LBS.
YHYS on chevron sign
SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM on a UniBrac™ mounting system.

Product Flyer Spec Sheet icon1 Installation Instructions

SolaRight GF

The GF is a fantastic product for many varied applications. Best suited for applications where a smaller light is needed, the GF works very well for the following applications:

  • Pathways
  • Lighted walking trails
  • Bike trails
  • Parks
  • Splash Pads
  • Fountains
  • Common areas
  • Stairways
  • Steps
  • So much more!
SIZE: DIA. 2.75″/ HEIGHT 1.5″/ WEIGHT .018 LBS.


SolaRight GF8

Slightly larger and brighter than the GF, our GF8 is another round light that works beautifully with many different types and styles of outdoor lighting. When some mood lighting is needed, the GF8 offers the beautiful ambiance of area lighting, but it's not too bright to ruin the elegance of the evening.

The GF8 is also a great light for featuring:

  • Walkways
  • Bike Trails
  • Water in fountains
  • Lighting around fountains
  • Pathways
  • Stairways
  • Steps
SIZE: DIA. 3.75″/ HEIGHT 2.06″ / WEIGHT .066 LBS.