Ultra Bright Series IIRPM

Ultra Bright Technology adds up to 5x brightness to new and existing fixtures for maximum visibility. 

How Bright?

SWL 140

The all new SWL 140 offers 5x brightness as well as simplified installation.  The new housing features a leveling rim to ensure a smooth and simple fit in pavement surfaces.  Perfect for wrong way and delineation applications.

SWL 135

The SI 135 is a highly visible roadway and guardrail marker.  Combined with the Post Topper bracket, the SI 135 Ultra Bright brings up to a mile of additional visibility to warning signs and objects (depending on ambient light).  


The "ORIGINAL" got an upgrade on brightness!  The YHDD1 set the standard for IIRPM performance when we launched and now boasts even more light output.  The classic standard brightness version is still available as well.


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